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Upholstery Cleaning in Santa Monica, CA

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Upholstery is such a great addition to a household. Your sofas make your carpet and living room stand out. However just like your carpet, your sofa can get dirty as well. After days of sitting on your carpet or if you have pets, dust and dirt begin to build up! So it is very important to clean your upholstery every 6 to 8 months. Cleaning your upholstery will help preserve your sofa to last longer and sanitize it as well. After a long day would you rather come home and lay on a dirty sofa that hasn’t been clean in years? Or would you rather come home and lay on a clean sofa that is cleaned and sanitized every 6 months. No matter what your sofa will get dirty but it is simple to clean. Sometimes you may eat on your sofa and drop crumbs that fall in the cracks, drinks may get spilled, or pets may stained them after playing in the grass.  We specialized in Upholstery cleaning with over 30 years of experience. There is no sofa we cant clean!  We make sure our customers are our number 1 priority. If our customers are happy than we are happy. Every time we clean upholstery we even pass what we like to call “The White Towel Test.” After cleaning your sofa we pass a white towel and prove to you that your sofa is clean. Now, other companies just spray your sofa with cleaning solutions but that doesn’t mean that your upholstery is clean. We use the best cleaning methods and state of the art machines to make sure each carpet or upholstery we clean is spotless. Call now for any of your Upholstery Cleaning needs in Santa Monica, CA.