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Restaurant Rug Cleaning in Santa Monica, CA

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As a owner of a restaurant you have so much to worry about such as the quality of your food, service, and clientele. Then after a long day your restaurant is closed for cleaning to be prepared for tomorrow. Some owners might have their own employees clean up or hire a cleaning crew to clean. However, some cleaning crew or employees just clean what they can and see. Now depending whether you have tile & wood flooring you might have your cleaning crew mop the floors. Now for restaurants that have rug or carpet, their cleaning crew will just pass the vacuum every night. 

It is always important to vacuum your carpet but just vacuuming your carpet will not maintain your Restaurant rug clean. It is always important to have a professional rug cleaning company to clean your carpet. Passing the vacuum picks up dust and mites but will not kill the bacteria underneath. Also restaurants might experience red wine & oil spills. Also restaurants with carpet receive heavy foot traffic. The more time you let your carpet sit and not get clean the more your carpet will change. You will notice your carpet's color to change and see darks spots throughout your carpet. On top of this article you will see a video of a restaurant located in Santa Monica, CA. This restaurant have not had their rug cleaned for 4 years until we showed up. As you can see we had to pass our scrubber machine and Steamer to provide a long lasting deep clean. Notice at the end of the video on your right hand side, you can see the part that we have not cleaned yet how dark and dirty the carpet was. We made sure went over the carpet atleast 3 times to revive its color and kill all of the bacteria. This restaurant was so happy with our quality service that they now call us every 6 months to clean their carpet. Everytime we clean their rug, their restaurant rug begins to revive and look brand new. For any of your Restaurant Rug Cleaning needs in Santa Monica, CA call Spotless Rug Cleaners today!