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Organic Carpet Cleaning in Santa Monica, CA

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What are some of the benefits of using organic carpet solutions and carpet cleaners? Using Organic Carpet Cleaners you are helping the environment by avoiding toxic cleaners. No matter what type of cleaning product you decide to use, if there is no label that says the product is organic then you are using a toxic cleaning product. Even if you sprayed, washed, dumped, or poured the products there are still harmful affects. Before you hire a carpet cleaner make sure to ask if they use organic cleaning solutions. We specialize in Organic Carpet Cleaning in all areas of Santa Monica, CA. The method we use is “dry cleaning’”, which is less harmful on the human body and the environment. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies our clients are our number one priority. Most of our clients have a family or have pets, so we use solutions that are organic and pet friendly. Our main solution we use is from ChemSpec and it is called Formula 90. Formula 90 is an organic based powered used with hot water, which kills all toxins and bacteria without using as much chemicals as the other brands. It is also the best organic carpet cleaning method to clean your carpet with. Now for pet stains on your carpet we use an eco-friendly and environmentally safe solution called Anti-Icky-Poo. Here at Spotless Rug Cleaners we use the best cleaning methods and organic formulas, we are for the environment and not against it. We even provide a 30-day guarantee after our work is done. For any of your Organic Carpet Cleaning needs in Santa Monica, CA call Spotless Rug Cleaners today!