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How to Clean an Oriental Rug in Santa Monica, CA

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Do you ever ask yourself if it is time to clean your oriental rug? Then you ask how do I even start or clean my oriental rug? Well don’t worry because today is your lucky day and I will give you a couple of home cleaning tips so you can clean your own oriental rug. First you will need a wooden stick or bat. You will also need a scrubbing brush and a regular brush. Make sure to have a bucket filled with hot water and dish soap.

            The first step you want to do is lay your oriental rug outside on a tree or anywhere you can possibly hang it. Then with your wooden bat you are going to hit your oriental rug and knock out all of the dust. Now after dusting out your rug, you want to take your oriental rug inside and lay it flat on the ground. Next your going to dip your scrubbing brush in your soap water and begin to scrub every inch of your oriental rug. Don’t forget to scrub your corners as well. Then after you’re done scrubbing, connect your vacuum and use the wand to extract all of the water out. Finally you are done, however please make sure no one steps on the rug until it is completely dry.

            Now if you do not have time to clean your oriental rug feel free to give us a call! We have over 30 years of experience in cleaning oriental rugs, area rugs, and carpet. For any questions on how to clean and Oriental rug in Santa Monica, CA or if you would like a free estimate give us a call today.